[RFC] Refining the way we communicate deprecations/wide-reaching changes to the project

Stephen Augustus

Forwarding here as well, if anyone is interested in leaving feedback.

-- Stephen

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Hey Kubernetes Community,

tl;dr -- words are hard sometimes and we should take some time and care to assess the way we wield them.


As we go through deprecations and infrastructure changes in the project, it might be a worthwhile exercise to assess and refine the way we communicate them.

I can think of a few recent examples that caused some panic and required additional lift from contributors to reframe or contort/extend support to accommodate:
We should consider what it means to turn down a service, piece of functionality, or kubernetes/kubernetes-adjacent system and type of impact it may have for consumers.

Without policing contributors, as maintainers of the project, we also have a responsibility to users to be careful and deliberate with our communications outside of the project, whether it be Twitter, Hacker News, etc., etc.

So how can we improve?

I think depending on the scope of a change, the following SIGs should be involved in crafting comms:
  • SIG Architecture
  • SIG Release
  • SIG Docs
With SIG ContribEx to assist with consistent delivery across our properties.

I'm curious to hear everyone's thoughts here.

-- Stephen

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