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Alex Polvi <alex.polvi@...>

Hello all,

My nomination of Jonathan Boulle is below.



I would like to nominate Jonathan Boulle from CoreOS to the TOC. Jonathan would bring a unique mix of highly relevant experience to the CNCF, ranging from the design and evangelisation of open specifications to deep technical involvement in and leadership of related projects.

Over the last year Jonathan has been involved heavily in the development of specifications for running cloud-native applications in containers: as well as being the leading maintainer of the App Container (appc) spec since its inception, he has also participated actively in the emerging Open Containers Initiative (OCI). He created the first version of rkt, an application container runtime and reference implementation of appc, and continues to lead its architecture and design, including integration with cloud systems like Kubernetes.

Jonathan has also been directly involved with several of the open source projects that will be donated to CNCF. He contributes to Kubernetes, particularly the development of the kubelet, and was recently nominated to be community lead of the Kubernetes node special interest group (node-sig). He is a top contributor to etcd, one of the candidate core projects of the foundation, and has been instrumental in the creation of the proposed Container Networking Interface.(CNI) standard, also being considered for the CNCF.

Jonathan previously worked at Twitter on their internal cloud platform based around the Mesos cluster manager. He earlier led development of an internal container application system, similar to contemporary tools like rkt and Docker. Jonathan is also an avid evangelist, speaking at numerous meetups and conferences around the world about specifications and cloud-native technologies.

The last couple of years have seen an immense surge in interest and activity in the area of cloud-native applications. The CNCF is an important opportunity to harmonize standards and define solid foundational technologies on which the industry can build. I believe Jonathan would bring an invaluable perspective and thoroughness to the TOB and contribute significantly to the success of the CNCF mission.

Jonathan Boulle - CoreOS, Inc.

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