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hi, if you are missing CNCF TOC Net WG calls, please shout out.

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Subject: [Update] CNCF Networking Workgroup
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hi all, I notice that many people who want to dial into these calls are not invited! can this be fixed please.

eg bryan @weaveworks
eg the google k8s people
eg others who have got in touch via email & on the lists

CNCF Networking Workgroup

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Wed Apr 26, 2017 5pm – 6pm London
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kenowens@... - organizer
Alexis Richardson - creator
Deepak Bansal (AZURE)
Jonathan Boulle (jonathan.boulle@...)
Keith Burns (krb)
Benjamin Hindman
Madhu Venugopal
Pradeep Padala (padalap)
Rohit Agarwalla (roagarwa)
Christopher Liljenstolpe (cdl@...)
John Gossman
Jie Yu

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