Announcing the "End User" representative for the TOC

alexis richardson


I am very pleased to announce that we have a new member of the TOC!

Please welcome Elissa Murphy, who is CTO and EVP Cloud Platform at GoDaddy.  

Elissa is taking the TOC seat that has been reserved for a representative of the Technical Advisory Board (TAB), which exists to create a platform for "End Users" in the CNCF.  In case you are wondering "what is an end user?" -- this basically means "not a software vendor".  Companies like eBay, Goldman Sachs, and GoDaddy are all examples.

Please note that this seat is an *interim* position.  The end user TAB is still being formed, and this will take a little while.  After that has been done, the TAB may wish to nominate a new representative, or confirm Elissa for the full duration.


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