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Seems like there is interest to learn about Moby beyond the TOC

Saw your TheCUBE interview and Moby does make sense, sort of the Linux and RedHat/Fedora model if I got it right

Yes that's exactly right. What Fedora/RHEL did for the early Linux movement, we are hoping to do for the container movement with Moby/Docker.

The things that need interpretation are:

in the Linux/Fedora model many of the components come from the community and have open governance and not owned by RedHat, they just test and package based on project maturity and customer demand, its unlikely to see successful (non RedHat) Linux projects that don’t make it to of the Fedora and RedHat package

Moby seems very focused on Docker Inc components, e.g. would you support a commercial package that take your best parts with say Kubernetes or other CNCF projects.

That is exactly what we are encouraging. Moby is designed to support any component that can be containerized, regardless of who is behind it. Moby doesn't "own" the components: it helps assemble them for downstream integration or upstream development.

We showed several demos at the Dockercon keynote to illustrate that point: we used Moby to assemble various proof-of-concepts from eg. prometheus, etcd, redis, and kubernetes. The closing demo was a collaboration with Ilya Dmitrichenko from Weave to build a custom "kubernetes for mac" prototype using Moby. I think the audience liked it :)

Another concern is how do we create more collaboration on the open-source/common parts (like Linux) and less fragmentation with overlapping vendor specific projects that don’t have open governance models or common abstractions/interchangeability

This seems like a valid concern but I don't understand what you mean exactly. Could you give me an example of outcome you'd like to avoid, or encourage?

Thanks, Yaron       


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Hi all, this week Docker launched an important new project: the Moby project ( Moby will allow Docker to better collaborate with the ecosystem in general, and the CNCF in particular. 


Several people from the CNCF community have asked questions about it, and how it relates to CNCF. I thought it might be useful to allocate time on the TOC call to take questions.


What do you think?

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