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Looking at CNCF and Kubernetes from a developer/user point of view (instead of cluster admin or ops), it was great to see a wider acknowledgment of the fact that there is more love needed for users.


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Sharing this with TOC and Marketing, per A's suggestion.


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Hi Alexis,
I just read this KubeCon summary post by Massimo.  Given the fact that (a) he states his post is his opinion and (b) I wasn't at the event, please do read my thoughts here with a grain (scratch that, a boulder) of salt.  But I just wanted to voice it with someone that is in a position to give this some consideration and probably execute on my suggestions.  Hence this email to you.
  1. While I prefer a "meetup on steroids" to a "VMworld mini-me" as well, given the adoption phase, I still think it would be great to have sessions that target folks that are actively giving k8s a consideration, along with sessions on "Day 2 of K8S Deployments" to cater to the core audience.  Such sessions could be a consideration for December.
  2. Massimo writes, "K8s appears to be extremely successful with startups and small organizations as well as in pockets of Enterprises. The technology has not been industrialized to the point where it has become a strategic choice (not yet at least)." -- it would be great to bring more customers that are deploying or testing k8s actively in their environments
  3. "The CNCF Landscape slide is doing a disservice to the cloud-native beginners." I think we discussed this particular aspect during one of our TOC calls.  The reference architecture slide is extremely helpful. However, a laundry list of logos presents a convoluted perception of the landscape. It might be worth revisiting this discussion - to have a "vanilla" landscape slide with the "layer" and a web page on that lists out the players/projects in each category.
He brings up several other interesting and compelling points, but I'd like to suggest at least you, and the rest of the team consider these as a first step.

Apologies if I crossed any line, but given some affinity to the community and with you, I wanted to share what's on my mind.


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