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Chris Short

Thank you for what y'all do. I know it's not easy and is more like threading a needle from an airplane at 40,000 feet. But, each and everyone of you is appreciated by the community.

Chris Short
EKS Product Marketing
Kubernetes Contributor Comms Co-Lead

On Mar 14, 2023, at 12:03, Emily Fox <themoxiefoxatwork@...> wrote:

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Community members, Projects, and Adopters,
  As you know we, the TOC, are currently managing a lot of open issues and requests from community members who have asked us to more accurately reflect the current state of project maturity, evaluations, reviews, and in general our processes. At the moment, we’re working on getting a handle on these requests, organizing them into meaningful streams of work and core areas of focus for us and the community to pursue, while balancing the existing and ongoing obligations and activities assigned to the TOC. We feel your additional perspective and concerns provide us key insights that — when taken together with other feedback and observations — can be integrated into a positive and actionable solution in alignment with our principles.
  We ask that your give us some time to sort through these. We all thank you for being a valued community member interested in improving the experience not only for projects but for our community and adopters.

-Emily Fox

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