🚨 Action Required | New addition to the landscape needs maintainer input!

Catherine Paganini

Dear Maintainers and Project Owners,


The Cloud Native Landscape will soon get a new section: The CNCF Project Summary Table. The goal of the summary table is to provide end users with more context, so they can better assess which projects to evaluate further. We would like to invite you to participate to ensure the table reflects your project in its best light! 


As you'll see, some fields already have data in them. This is pulled directly from the CNCF's landscape.yml that powers the landscape, as well as your project's GitHub repositories. But because we want to provide end users with more information than the landscape provides, we need projects to submit a PR and fill in the gaps. For an example of how the populated table might look, view our PoC here.

What to do

Please update the fields listed here. Note that the tags are key and must be meaningful to help end users evaluate your project


We plan to announce the Project Summary Table early next year and would like your project’s information up to date by December 31. Once the table is more or less complete, there will be a way to navigate from the landscape directly to this page.


Please follow these instructions. They provide the location of landscape.yml and guidance on updating it. You may use your current/traditional process for raising a PR against the CNCF landscape.yml or take advantage of a new web UI available for the landscape.


Our ecosystem is growing, and the Landscape initiative is evolving to maximize your project's profile amongst end-users who are new to cloud native. To learn more about this project (e.g., the why, problem statement, and goals), please refer to this document.

If you have questions, reach out via Slack to Catherine Paganini, Simon Forster, or Richard Collins, and they can guide you through this process. The CNCF is here to help, so please use this team to ensure your project is promoted properly.

Thank you,

The CNCF Business Value Subcommittee Team

Catherine Paganini

Head of Marketing and Community

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