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Chris Aniszczyk via cncf-toc ---03/23/2017 05:58:43 AM---The TOC has decided to invite containerd ( as an incubation level CNCF project

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Date: 03/23/2017 05:58 AM
Subject: [cncf-toc] [VOTE] containerd project proposal (incubation)
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The TOC has decided to invite containerd ( as an incubation level CNCF project, sponsored by Brian Grant from the TOC:

containerd is a widely used container runtime with an emphasis on simplicity, robustness and portability. It is available as a daemon for Linux and Windows, which can manage the complete container lifecycle of its host system: image transfer and storage, container execution and supervision, and low-level storage, etc..

Please vote (+1/0/-1) on the full project proposal located here on GitHub:

Remember that the TOC has binding votes only, but we do appreciate non-binding votes from the community as a sign of support!


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