[VOTE] Spiffe/Spire for graduation

Amye Scavarda Perrin

Both the SPIFFE and SPIRE projects have applied to move from incubation to graduation.

PR: https://github.com/cncf/toc/pull/778
DD: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1u6ipO6Wr06zQzOUjU92cyX1mKx8Xn9QBXkSqHugQv8Q/edit?usp=sharing

Justin Cormack and Emily Fox are the TOC sponsors for this project, have called for public comment and has approved a call for a public vote. (https://lists.cncf.io/g/cncf-toc/message/7272)

Please vote (+1/0/-1) by replying to this thread.

Remember that the TOC has binding votes only, but we do appreciate non-binding votes from the community as a sign of support!

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