Re: SPIFFE and SPIRE for Graduation: Public Comment Period thru AUG 9 2022

Nicolas Vermandé

+1 NB, great to see this evolution!

On Fri, Aug 5, 2022 at 4:22 PM Joe Beda <joe@...> wrote:

Sorry for being late to the party here.

+1 NB

Clearly I’m biased here because I helped get SPIFFE going. But I think this is a critical part of our emerging cloud native toolkit and I’m excited but he progress that the project has made thus far and where it is going.

I’m particularly happy with the split between SPIFFE and SPIRE. In the recent PR to update the TOC principles ( I think that this really embodies the principle of “Promote interfaces and defacto implementations over standards for real world use.” The ability for interoperability through SPIFFE and federation through SPIRE is a powerful combination that will only get more powerful over time.


On Tue, Jul 26, 2022 at 9:28 AM Emily Fox <themoxiefoxatwork@...> wrote:


Both the SPIFFE and SPIRE projects have applied to move from incubation to graduation. As the TOC sponsors, Justin Cormack and I would like to thank everyone for their work and patience in bringing both projects to this exciting point.

Adopter Interviews: Many interviews were done previously, two additional interviews were conducted anonymously and included in the DD below the existing user stories where previous interviews are captured.

Everyone is welcome to comment in the document, on the PR, or in reply to this thread, before we move to a TOC vote. This period of public comment will last a minimum of two weeks closing on AUG 9 2022.

Thank you.

~Emily Fox

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