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Regarding Kubo, it’s not immediately obvious to me how useful it is in the long term (although I must stress that I’m definitely not a Cloud Foundry expert). 

Reading the Kubo docs it seems that it is, in essence, two pieces:

1.            A TCP routing system (load balancer) to get client traffic to Kubernetes-hosted services.

2.            A VM monitoring and management system (BOSH) to keep the VM’s (that Kubernetes is running on top of) deployed, healthy and scaled correctly.

In practice #1 is typically provided by a combination of the IaaS load balancers (e.g. AWS ELB, GCE LB, OpenStack LBaaS and associated plugins, etc), and Kubernetes integration with those.

#2 is usually provided by a combination of native IaaS VM auto-scaling (e.g. AWS Auto-scaling Groups, GCE Managed Instance Groups, OpenStack Autoscaling etc), and again, Kubernetes integration with those.

Hence my above question around Kubo’s long-term usefulness.


What I did find interesting however is that Pivotal and CloudFoundry are explicitly and publicly supporting Kubernetes, so hopefully that means that porting CloudFoundry apps and tools to Kubernetes will become easier and more mainstream over time (through, for example, Cloud Foundry to Kubernetes API adaptors).




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Low friction, low switching cost....interesting topics. How we manage the large "brownfield" estate is a big challenge.


What I am interested in seeing is how PCF+Kube+Docker evolves and how RH OpenShift positions itself as enterprise products to manage containers.


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The lowest friction adoption path for CNCF technologies in the CF

community is via add-ons, accessed via the CF service broker

mechanism.  Kubo is a step in that direction because existing CF users

may wish to deploy Kubernetes using the same infra automation as they

use for CF, ie. BOSH.  This move is therefore a win win.  We'll see if

it gets much traction in the next few months - I hope it does.





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Hi All, seen this? what is everyone’s view?












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