Interim CNCF CoCC and New structure of WG for CoCC update

Davanum Srinivas


Please see the 2 blog posts that went public just now, Many thanks to all the folks who helped shape both the Interim CoCC structure (for the short term) and the shape of the new WG for CoCC updates (for the longer term)

Blog post #1 : This one talks about who is in the Interim CoCC (including alternates/policies) -

Blog post #2 : We had earlier published a blog post on June 6th and we got a lot of feedback from our overall community, so we incorporated the feedback to be more open/inclusive, this WG will help draft what/how of the CoCC in the longer term -

We welcome feedback on both from everyone for sure (possibly cncf-toc mailing list would be a good place to have our public back-and-forth as needed). But feel free to reach out publicly or privately to folks involved.

CNCF TOC Chair and CNCF GB Chair

PS: I am posting this as Arun is on a plane! Bon voyage Arun.
PPS: apologies for posting to a mix of public and private lists! 

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