Re: Followup: Today's CNCF TOC Call + Project Next Steps

Quinton Hoole

+1 for containerd and rkt.

I don’t know enough about Heron and the related ecosystem to have an on that opinion yet.



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We had a full TOC meeting today with three community presentations!!!:



The next steps would be for a TOC member to sponsor and invite the project for a formal proposal. If you're interested in doing this, please let us know by replying here.


I'd like to sponsor both containerd and rkt. It's important for CNCF to own and foster the foundational technology for cloud-native computing. Having both containerd and rkt in CNCF would be a great outcome for the CNCF, for Kubernetes, and for the container and cloud ecosystems. Kubernetes and other container orchestrators need reliable, community-driven container runtimes scoped to container execution. Each runtime has its own strengths and use cases, and I hope that induction into CNCF unlocks opportunities for broader collaboration. 


As for Heron, I'm not seeing the demand for Storm/Heron. For example, Google trends:


Spark still has a lot of steam, and AIUI the trend (e.g., using Apache Beam) is towards unified batch and streaming.


More broadly, though, I would like to see CNCF become a good home for container/orchestrator-friendly data-processing platforms, as that critical category of workloads benefits from closer integration with the underlying orchestration platform.




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