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thanks very much Sarah!

TOC voting members,

My vote is YES.  

Over to you....


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TOC Members 

We are rerunning the Kubernetes vote following some amendments. We are looking for a unanimous YES across voting members of the TOC, in support of accepting Kubernetes into CNCF.  If we all vote YES then the aim is to be able to make the statement below ("Target:...").


Please could you share the Kubernetes project's proposal for joining the CNCF, by posting the document (or a link) to this mailing list....?

Here's a link to the proposal document.  If there's more information that any of you want, please feel free to reach out.




Target: CNCF announcement on Thursday 10th March at Kubecon

“On behalf of the CNCF TOC:

We have accepted Kubernetes into the Cloud Native Computing Foundation. While Kubernetes is the first project to be accepted, our intention is to welcome many open source projects into the foundation. Our remit is broad and we encourage applicants across the spectrum of cloud native, containers and microservices technology. 

We now invite the Kubernetes community to work with the TOC to help shepherd the project through a formal transition to the foundation.  All CNCF projects will pass through the same process of Incubation(**).
The first step is that Google transfer copyright and trademarks(*) associated with Kubernetes to the Linux Foundation. When this is complete, the TOC will work with the Kubernetes community to finalise the project governance model. 

In summary: we are pleased to announce that Kubernetes is now an Incubated Project(**) at the CNCF.”

(*) Sarah Novotny will provide a complete list of assets.  Our understanding is that a "yes" vote will lead to Google initiating the IP transfers to LF for the CNCF.
(**) A full and formal definition of "Incubation” and “Incubated Project” will be published by the CNCF TOC.


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