Request for Comment: Mentoring WG

Josh Berkus


TAG Contributor Strategy would like to create the Mentoring Working Group, under our TAG.

You can find, and comment on, a draft charter here:

The Mentoring WG is a home for organized mentoring activity that was already happening in the CNCF. It was originally requested by Ihor before he became unavailable, and will be led by CNCF staff and contractors; particularly Nate Waddington (CNCF) and Jay Tihema (ii) to start. They hope to recruit additional WG contributors from our community, of course, and a few have tentatively stepped up per the charter.

Right now Mentoring is a Team inside TAG-CS, and we've already begun work on several initiatives, including LFX, GSOC, GSOD, Outreachy, and a new effort to make students in NZ aware of internship opportunities in the CNCF.

The latter will include creation of an indigenous pilot programme to launch among regional education providers; and career and resource development in collaboration with stakeholders in community, education, industry and local government.

We expect learning gained from this approach will help to identify and bridge suitable candidates into the various mentoring opportunities available, and act as a framework that can be applied to other groups globally.

-- Josh Berkus, TAG-CS Chair
Dawn Foster, TAG-CS Chair
Jay Tihema, Mentoring Team Lead
Nate Waddington, Mentoring Team Lead

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