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Davanum Srinivas

To members of the CNCF Community:


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To members of the CNCF Governing Board:


At KubeCon EU a few weeks ago, CNCF community members and staff came together to discuss making improvements to CNCF’s Code of Conduct (CoC) processes.  CoC process updates will happen in several phases, as described in our recent blog post on Upcoming Code of Conduct Updates at CNCF.  As one important step forward, we are now forming a CNCF Code of Conduct Update Working Group (WG) to continue developing and refining a set of proposed new processes and documentation.  Many thanks to those who have already been working on proposals that will help us move forward.


The intended output of this WG is a set of updated policies that can be submitted to the appropriate governing body* for approval, including:

·        Improvements to the CNCF Code of Conduct

·        Charter for a new CNCF CoC Committee 

·        Updated policies regarding communication, confidentiality, & transparency

·        Updated conflict of interest policy

·        Written policy outlining who has jurisdiction of which incidents (LF Events, CNCF CoC Committee, or project-level CoC Committee)


Although CNCF has already been operating in accordance with policies of the types listed above, we want to update and better document them through a collaborative community process.


*Updates to the Code of Conduct must be approved by the TOC (CNCF Charter §13), but creation of a CoC Committee to handle CoC incident response & resolution must be approved by the Governing Board (CNCF Charter §5(d)(vii)).


We are seeking Working Group participants from the following roles:

  • Any active Incubating + Graduated Maintainers who wish to volunteer
  • 1-2 representatives from the Governing Board (GB)
  • 1–2 representatives from the Technical Oversight Committee (TOC)
  • 1 representative from each TAG:
    • TAG-Security
    • TAG-Storage
    • TAG-App-Delivery
    • TAG-Network
    • TAG-Runtime
    • TAG Contributor Strategy
    • TAG Observability
  • 1 representative from the Kubernetes CoC Committee
  • 1 representative from the Marketing Committee
  • 2 CNCF staff 
  • 1 LF Events staff
  • External advisors for support


If you are an active Incubated or Graduated Maintainer or belong to one of the governing bodies listed above, and you would like to participate in the Working Group, please notify Taylor Waggoner <twaggoner@...> no later than June 14.  If there are more volunteers from a governing body than seats allocated, the governing body will select its representative.  The time commitment for WG participants would be 3-6 hours per month for a total of 4-6 months. The WG will have 2 co-chairs, one from TOC and one from the GB side to lead meetings, facilitate consensus, etc. 


Feedback from the broader community as well as the Governing Board and TOC will be solicited on a regular basis.  Anyone in the community is welcome to submit proposals (PRs on Github) and may be invited to a WG meeting to present it.  


The WG will use a private slack and a public github repository for formalizing content. We will schedule the first WG meeting shortly after the WG participants are confirmed.




Chairs for CNCF Governing Board & Technical Oversight Committee


Davanum Srinivas :: https://twitter.com/dims

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