Re: LFX Mentorship '22 Summer Semester

Nate Waddington

Hi Oleg,

Sorry for my delayed response. I'm open to extending the key dates here.

If we extend the cut-off date (which is already well past), I think we should also extend the application cut-off date to give folks a chance to reconsider their applications.

Suggested timeline updates:
    •    mentorships available on LFX Mentorship: May 8th, 2021 (no change)
    •    proposals cutoff May 24th
    •    applications open: May 9th - May 29th
    •    application review/admission decisions/HR paperwork: May 31st - June 3rd

I don't want this update to push out the end date of the term; I think it's likely OK to have a slightly shorter term if it means we can have more projects participating.


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