Re: TAG Security Technical Lead Nominations

Andrés Vega

+1 NB. 

I've had the pleasure to work hand in hand with Marina, Michael, and Ragashree on several projects across the different areas of focus for the Security TAG. The three of them are exceptionally talented and possess a great deal of security expertise. They are innate leaders who are making an impact contributing in more ways than one; maintaining software, creating content, and building community.


On Thu, May 5, 2022 at 8:15 PM Brandon Lum <lumjjb@...> wrote:

The TAG Security Co-chairs would like to nominate Ragashree, Michael Lieberman, and Marina Moore as Technical Leads of TAG Security!

They have been awesome members of the community contributing across many different efforts, we look forward to working with them to further expand the community! Below are their nominations, which is a fraction of all the awesomeness they've done for the community.

TAG-Security Co-Chairs


Nominee: Ragashree 

Github: @ragashreeshekar

Title: Cloud Security Specialist

Professional Affiliation: Nokia

Leadership/participation with TAG-Security:

  • Project Lead: TAG Security Community Manager (#692)

  • Project Lead: Cloud Native Security Lexicon (#735)

  • Project Co-lead Security Con EU 2022 (#811)

  • [Governance] Contributions to communication templates (#670)


2021 Nokia Ada Lovelace Honoree, Ragashree M C is a Cloud Security enthusiast with 3+ years industry experience in the domain. She is an active member of several open source security forums such as OWASP, CNCF, CSA etc. She is passionate about all things STEM & security - information science, animal welfare & so on!


Nominee: Michael Lieberman

Github: @mlieberman85

Title: Supply Chain Security Engineer

Professional Affiliation: Citi

Other community affiliations:

  • Co-Chair, CNCF Financial Services User Group

  • Technical Advisory Committee, SLSA (OpenSSF)

Leadership/participation with TAG-Security:

  • Project Lead: Secure Software Factory Reference Architecture Paper (#679)

  • Contributions to Supply Chain Security Best Practices Paper (#510)

  • Contributions to Security Controls Mapping (#635)


Michael Lieberman is an engineer and architect focused on technology transformation especially with regards to cloud native architectures, technologies and migrations. His passion is in applying his expertise to use cases where privacy and security are paramount. Most recently he has been focused on work within the software supply chain security space. He is co-chair of the CNCF Financial Services User Group, SLSA steering committee member, and recently co-lead the Secure Software Factory Reference Architecture for the Security Technical Advisory Group. Michael has also participated in multiple podcasts, panels and talks on behalf of the FSUG, the companies he’s worked for and on behalf of himself as an individual contributor in the tech community.


Nominee: Marina Moore 

Github: @mnm678

Title: PhD candidate, NYU Tandon’s Secure Systems Lab

Professional Affiliation: NYU,

Other community affiliations:

  • Maintainer, The Update Framework

  • Maintainer, Uptane (TUF variant)

Leadership/participation with TAG-Security:

  • Contributions to Supply Chain Security Best Practices Paper (#510)

  • Contributions to Secure Software Factory Reference Architecture Paper (#679)

  • Contributions to Cloud Native Security Whitepaper v2 (#844)


Marina Moore is a PhD candidate at NYU Tandon’s Secure Systems Lab focusing on secure software updates and software supply chain security. She is a maintainer of The Update Framework (TUF), a CNCF graduated project, as well as Uptane, the automotive variant of TUF. She contributed to the updated TAG Security Whitepaper and has been actively involved in the supply chain security group, including contributing to the Software Supply Chain Security Best Practices paper. She has presented at the CNCF Security Day at both KubeCon NA and Europe.


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