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Oleg Nenashev

Dear all,

My name is Oleg Nenashev, I am one of Keptn maintainers who coordinates Keptn incubation. I'll be happy to answer any questions about Keptn and its community, and to update the due diligence document to address the provided feedback.

Just to address a few comments in the CNCF Slack channels.
  • In addition to the official public roadmap referenced in documentation, there is a PoC of the new roadmap which we plan to make official in a few weeks before Kubecon. The difference is that it includes roadmap for Keptn integrations, and also provides additional views for community areas (e.g. Keptn core, community or documentation)
  • There is a plan to have a security review for Keptn: tag-security #784. The project applied for security review in September, and currently we're waiting in the TAG Security's review queue. We had a conversation with Brandon Lum in order to schedule the next steps, and we're going through the initial review stages.
Best regards,
Oleg Nenashev
Keptn project

On Wed, Apr 20, 2022 at 8:36 PM Lei Zhang <resouer@...> wrote:
Hi all,

We are opening the public comment period for the proposal of Keptn to progress at the CNCF as an Incubating project.

Feel free to comment on the above doc or raise related discussion.

Other information:


Lei Zhang (Harry)

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