LFX Mentorship '22 Summer Semester

Nate Waddington

Hello everyone!

The LFX Mentorship '22 Summer semester is open now open for project ideas: https://github.com/cncf/mentoring/tree/main/lfx-mentorship/2022/02-Summer 

We have compressed the administration schedule to work around the LF All hands and KubeCon events this year. The semester is the same length as it has been in previous years.

Project submission and application timeline:
  • mentorships available on LFX Mentorship: May 8th, 2021
  • applications open: May 9th - May 24th (2 weeks)
  • application review/admission decisions/HR paperwork: May 25th - May 31st

Please share this with any projects you think may be interested in having a mentee work with them over the summer!


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