Re: Proposal TAG Sustainability

Vincent Caldeira

In addition to Huamin's recommendations, I would suggest some initial focus about propagating standards for observability and measurement, especially in the area of carbon emissions where having an implementation of OpenTracing for emissions could go a long way to:

- Standardise measurement of emissions data across multiple deployment models and infrastructure (therefore enabling data comparability)
- Help to build trust in the data supply chain
- Help validate that whatever initiative to reduce emissions is actually working

I currently lead the Data Commons group at OS-Climate and one key issue we have been discussing with regulators and industry groups is the building standardisation and trust in the data used in various studies, industry work groups as well as climate risk models to take evidence-based decisions on climate matters. We actually realised it is likely not possible to build an aggregated view of data that would make sense, unless through an open source approach we are able to distribute a common capability for data observability that could be implemented by default in various technical stacks (e.g. Green Kubernetes) and would enable monitoring and aggregation across. 

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