Re: Proposal TAG Sustainability

Ricardo Aravena

It's a great initiative.

It would be good to understand if there are any projects that would fall in the scope of the proposed TAG.  I also wonder if those types of projects have an overlap with FinOps.

The part that deals with creating standards and guidelines for the reduction of the CO₂ footprint of the projects and data centers appears more like a working group to me. 

Additionally, to echo Bob's comment, the use of the 'sustainability' term is a bit confusing. Is it related to long term sustainability of the project itself?  Or is it related to sustainability of data centers and reducing the CO₂ footprint?

My two cents.


On Tue, Mar 22, 2022 at 12:31 PM Josh Berkus <jberkus@...> wrote:
On 3/22/22 06:14, Bob Killen wrote:
> I would also recommend a potentially different name than sustainability
> or expand it to something like environmental-sustainability. I know it
> aligns with the effort, but in OSS, "sustainability" is associated much
> more with contributor or project health than environmental/economic
> impact. I could see significant confusion otherwise =/

Given that this proposal has to do with environmental sustainability, I
don't see a place for it in Contributor Strategy.

I agree that the name should be workshopped to avoid that confusion in
the future.

-- Josh Berkus
    TAG Contributor Strategy Co-Chair

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