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We can also host a documentation hackathon at various meet-ups. Cost is typically pizza and soda.




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CNCF projects should contact Sarah Conway (cc'ed) and myself for documentation funding.


The beta test I mentioned for gamification of activity (and which I encourage you to try and comment on) is


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Two tiny addenda

Dan mentioned that cncf could help kube by eg funding editorial polish for otherwise raw content.

There was a discussion about the gamification of non-feature contributions, and the kube/cncf pilot of this.


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Quick summary of the documentation talk in the call today:


- CNCF projects can reach out (Dan: please provide appropriate contact here) for assistance with contracting resources to help with documentation: CNCF will help with recruiting/logistics, then regularly look to project maintainers for approval of the work


- Most projects are using similar documentation sites already (simple Jekyll/GitHub hosted websites that render markdown), probably not a lot to add here


- Projects like Kubernetes are "too big to help" in the sense that they already have large, established infrastructure and processes around managing and publishing documentation; CNCF can help with some content though


- Brian G had concerns about long ramp-up time with random contractors; perhaps instead we can re-use a resource that becomes familiar with the projects (especially as they intersect)


- Another area Kubernetes could use help is homepage design - perhaps this is also something we can provide an optional consistent design for projects?



anything I missed?

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