Re: [VOTE] In-toto for incubating

Richard Hartmann

+1 binding.

I still have some thoughts around overall velocity, but after talking
to h01ger off-list, I am confident in changing my vote.

The rest of this email is more about Debian than CNCF, feel free to skip.

On Tue, Feb 22, 2022 at 12:19 PM Lukas Puehringer
<lukas.puehringer@...> wrote:

Regarding our relationship to Debian and Reproducible Builds, we’ve been regulars at Debconfs and RB Summits since the inception of the in-toto project (see e.g. [2], [3]), and quite a few in-toto related projects have benefited from our involvement with the community, most notably [4],[5],[6].
Thanks for those. After leading DebConf15 I kinda burned out wrt them,
so I missed this.

It is true that I personally am not a Debian Developer, but I have worked together with the DD Holger Levsen in the past to prepare and upload the downstream releases.
Totally fine; as you probably know, DDs take an _extremely_ close look
onto any claims re Debian doing/saying/being anything specific due to
how often it was used as a reference and not always in the best of

As a nit, shipping manpages with Linux packages would be preferable,
but I know a lot of projects don't. Ones I should probably be writing
manpages for myself included.

Thanks for the detailed responses from the in-toto crowd,

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