Re: [VOTE] In-toto for incubating

Richard Hartmann

+0 binding

Still getting up to speed for TOC, sorry. Some questions:

Debian is not a company. I couldn't find Lukas on Debian Developer
search[1] nor Debian Maintainer search[2]. In a section below, Debian
was removed and replaced with "New York University". Not a blocker,
but being a Debian Developer myself, I feel compelled to mention it.
Debian packages[3][4] for in-toto are from 2021-03-12, skipping 1.1.0,
1.1.1, and the recent 1.2.0 releases[5].

Commit history graph[6] shows a distinct slowdown starting 2020. Does
this mean the project has reached/is approaching feature completeness?

Is the "every 3 months release cadence" starting with 1.2.0?

Recent PRs were largely janitorial and/or from bots[7]. Along similar
lines, the three example PRs[8][9][10] are dated middle of last year.

Is there a timeframe for Future Plans & ITEs[11]?

I know from my own DDs that velocity can be deceiving, and that it can
also be compensated by extremely wide adoption. Yet, I do not
currently get a strong feeling of high velocity nor of very wide
adoption. At the same time, I realize I am very late to the game in
this DD process. Having joined TOC just before a week of illness makes
me the late-comer with questions & vote. I explicitly do not want to
block anything with incomplete information.

As such, my current vote is +0 as per above. Depending on answers, I
would be happy to switch to +1.



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