Re: ANN: Formation of Working Groups

Camille Fournier

If you are interested in hearing about the progress of the CI working group, I am planning on using the CI mailing list for public discussion. Please join that mailing list,, as per Dan's email on the topic on Feb 1.


On Mon, Feb 20, 2017 at 3:27 PM, Alexis Richardson via cncf-toc <cncf-toc@...> wrote:

An agenda item for the TOC f2f was the possible formation of "working
groups".  These have come up a number of times in the last 9+ months
since the TOC formed.  The idea is to spawn CNCF TOC discussions off
into their own groups, with a stated topic and chairperson.

I am pleased to report that the TOC have reached consensus on this,
following discussions in Tahoe.

CNCF now has:

* Storage WG chaired by Ben Hindman
* CI WG chaired by Camille Fournier
* Cluster WG chaired by Bryan Cantrill

For now, WGs are chaired by TOC voting members.  This is not a
perpetual requirement.  Let's keep it that way until we know more.

As with CNCF OSS projects, WGs will be as self-governed as possible.
Some norms may emerge in time and even become rules.

As of today:
* Feel free to contact the named people to join discussions.
* Feel free to initiate discussions on the CNCF TOC list, pending
creation of lists / docs / whatever the WGs need.
* Feel free to request updates

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