TOC Election Results for GB, End User and Maintainer Seats - runoff for GB

Amye Scavarda Perrin

Many thanks to all who participated in this process, I’m pleased to announce the results of the TOC Election for the GB, End User and Maintainer appointed seats for 2022.
However, we have a runoff for the GB appointed seats, we have a three way tie. That runoff election will close at noon Pacific on Friday, Feb 5th.

End User appointed seat:
Ricardo Rocha

GB appointed seats:
Emily Fox
Matt Farina
Runoff Election for GB: closes Friday, Feb 5 at noon Pacific
  • Richard Hartmann  
  • Khaled Henidak  
  • Kevin Wang  

Maintainer appointed seat:
Justin Cormack

Also, a thank you to our outgoing TOC members, Liz Rice, Sheng Liang, and Saad Ali for their work.  

Amye Scavarda Perrin | Director of Developer Programs, CNCF | amye@...

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