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Liz Rice

Thanks for these comments

Looking at the README for FabEdge I am somewhat confused about the statement that "FabEdge is a CNI" (where I'm taking that to be shorthand for "Kubernetes CNI Plugin" i.e. a component that provides the Container Networking Interface to a Kubernetes cluster). From the README my understanding is that FabEdge is providing edge connectivity, but not connectivity for Kubernetes pods within the cluster? It needs to be used alongside a CNI (examples of Calico and Flannel are given), so I'm not sure how it can itself be a CNI?  

Maybe the answer is that FabEdge is providing edge connectivity, but that there are other "control plane" aspects of edge computing that it does not cover? And that the KubeEdge project provides these control plane aspects, tightly coupled with edge connectivity coming from the EdgeMesh component? Please, do correct me if this is not the correct understanding. 

TAG Network folks, what are your thoughts here? Please advise. 


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Thank you.

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