Clarification from KubeEdge Community

Kevin Wang

Hello TOC and broader community,


Recently we saw some incorrect information about the KubeEdge community in a fabedge presentation to the TAG network:





I would like to correct the understanding :


1. As an open community, we fully welcome fabedge and any other projects to consider being part of the KubeEdge community.

2. KubeEdge can work together with any standard CNIs. And EdgeMesh is a tool running together with 3rd party CNIs to simplify cross subnet communications, not to replace them.

3. As an open source project, we don't prevent any Apache 2.0-compliant usage by any user. We are grateful for the recognition KubeEdge has received in the industry, and we would be happy if users including SuperEdge, OpenYurt, and others incorporate some pieces of KubeEdge.



If you have any further questions or would like to discuss anything regarding KubeEdge, please just let us know.




Kevin Wang on behalf of the KubeEdge Maintainers

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