ANN: Formation of Working Groups

alexis richardson


An agenda item for the TOC f2f was the possible formation of "working
groups". These have come up a number of times in the last 9+ months
since the TOC formed. The idea is to spawn CNCF TOC discussions off
into their own groups, with a stated topic and chairperson.

I am pleased to report that the TOC have reached consensus on this,
following discussions in Tahoe.

CNCF now has:

* Storage WG chaired by Ben Hindman
* CI WG chaired by Camille Fournier
* Cluster WG chaired by Bryan Cantrill

For now, WGs are chaired by TOC voting members. This is not a
perpetual requirement. Let's keep it that way until we know more.

As with CNCF OSS projects, WGs will be as self-governed as possible.
Some norms may emerge in time and even become rules.

As of today:
* Feel free to contact the named people to join discussions.
* Feel free to initiate discussions on the CNCF TOC list, pending
creation of lists / docs / whatever the WGs need.
* Feel free to request updates


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