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Nonbinding votes are very welcome!

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Unsure if I have the permissions to vote in this, but I am a strong +1 for Dawn! 🙂 

Paris and Stephen, hats off to both of you for all of your amazing work. I look forward to seeing where the community goes in the future. 

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+1 NB.


And hats off to both Paris and Stephen for all of their work in the past, for passing then baton, and for 2022 planning to narrow their focus. The result will benefit all of the community.






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TAG Contributor Strategy would like to propose Dawn Foster as a TAG Chair.

For those that have the privilege of working with Dawn in her many capacities, no introduction is necessary.
But for the sake of the list, a few words...

Dawn leads the open source community strategy efforts within VMware’s Open Source Program Office. She is on the Board of OpenUK, committed to develop and sustain UK leadership in Open Technology. She is on the Governing Board and is a maintainer for the Linux Foundation’s CHAOSS open source metrics project and is also on the TODO Group Steering Committee.

She has more than 20 years of experience in business and technology with expertise in strategic planning, management, community building, community management, open source software, market research, and more. She is passionate about bringing people together through a combination of online communities and real-world events. She has experience building new communities, and managing existing communities with a particular emphasis on developer and open source communities.

Most recently, Dawn was a consultant at The Scale Factory after being Director of Community at Puppet. Prior to Puppet, she was leading the Community Office within Intel’s Open Source Technology Center. In addition to working at Intel, Dawn was an online community consultant, and she has worked at Jive Software, Compiere, and a Midwestern manufacturing company in positions ranging from Unix system administrator to market researcher to community manager to open source strategist.

Upon TOC approval of Dawn's appointment, both Paris and I will be moving to Emeritus TAG Chairs.

From Paris:


I'd like to resign my Chair hat for the TAG and nominate Dawn Foster in my place. Explanation below but first about Dawn:

<Dawn's bio above>

**Whats Next:**
I submitted the proposal to the Technical Advisory Council (TOC) for the then Special Interest Group that we now call Technical Advisory Groups over [two years ago]. The group has flourished to be a helpful resource to the TOC and CNCF projects through ad hoc services, tooling, and programs. We've grown to include many contributors, a new tech lead role: Carolyn!, a repo of templates AND guidance, a CNCF contributor site to house said guidance!, and a maintainer circle to support the humans behind the code.

And the last point brings me to my 2022 goals: I'd like to focus on Maintainer Circle! Bringing that up not only to a solid state but an industry leading resource for the thousands of maintainers and leaders of CNCF projects. After coordinating the events we have had virtually and in-person, we've gotten feedback that folks not only really like this but want to see more of it. With this focus, it would be best if I step back from Chair and concentrate on this area. There is a lot of power in maintainers coming together to learn, share, and grow; really looking forward to this thriving.

I have the utmost respect and trust in Dawn to co-chair our group; she has stepped up in countless ways with contributions including organizational functions and leadership. Dawn will be an excellent TAG Chair!

From me:

Hey TAG Contributor Strategy!

Upon the TOC's approval of Dawn's appointment as TAG Chair, I will also be resigning my seat.

It has been an absolute pleasure to serve the community in this capacity and with the leadership we have in place and the wonderful TAG Contributor Strategy contributors, I have complete faith that this crew will continue to flourish and support CNCF maintainers on their journey.

To get the administrivia out of the way, here is the pull request to actuate the leadership changes:

In 2022, I'll be turning focus to my new roles on the TODO Group and Kubernetes Steering Committee.
...but! I'll also be working with Paris to evolve the Maintainers Circle, so I won't be too far away.

Same address. Same GitHub. A few more Slack channels, but a whole lot of fun ahead. See you on the internets!



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