Re: [RESULT] Pushkar Joglekar approved as TAG Security Tech Lead

Jaice Singer DuMars

Thank you Pushkar for stepping into the role and for the work you do on behalf of the community!

On Wed, Jan 12, 2022 at 12:24 PM St Leger, Jim <> wrote:

Congrats Pushkar!


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Pushkar Joglekar is confirmed as TAG Security Tech Lead  -

Dave Zolotusky:
Davanum Srinivas:
Ricardo Rocha:
Justin Cormack:
Liz Rice:
Cornelia Davis:
Alena Prokharchyk:
Erin Boyd:

+1 NB
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Stephen Augustus:
Rahul Jadhav:
Karthik S:
Asif Ali:
Tam Nagasada:
Rey Lejano:
Jim St Leger:
Andrew Martin: Joglekar



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