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On Dec 20, 2021, at 09:13, Brandon Lum <lumjjb@...> wrote:

Hi All,

TAG-Security co-chairs along with TOC liaisons Liz Rice and Justin Cormack would like to nominate Pushkar Joglekar as a Technical Lead.

Below are select contributions and accomplishments to the TAG from Pushkar as well as more about him!

This nomination was based on a community nominee process.


Brandon (On behalf of TAG-Security Chairs)

TL Candidate - Dec 2021

Pushkar Joglekar
Github: @PushkarJ
Professional Affiliations: Sr. Software Engineer, VMware Tanzu
Following are some of Pushkar's accomplishments
- Project Lead of Cloud Native 8: Secure Defaults guidance document (#734)
- Project Lead for Cloud Native Security Whitepaper retrospective and survey (#480)
- Process & governance: Created related groups catalog for TAG-Security (#680)
- Meeting facilitator for weekly meetings
Bio:Pushkar Joglekar is a Sr. Software Engineer (VMware Tanzu), currently working towards a goal to Make Kubernetes Secure For All. Previously, he worked on securing planet-scale container environments in a very large end user (Fortune 500) company. He has been fortunate to have donned several hats in the past as an engineer, architect, mentor, people / hiring manager and feels those experiences made him a better person. In his free time, you will find him taking photos, watching cricket and firmly believing that Chai fixes everything!

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