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Ricardo Rocha

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On Tue, Dec 14, 2021 at 04:21:19PM -0800, Ricardo Aravena via wrote:
Hi all,

TAG-Runtime would like to nominate a candidate for the tech lead role in
the TAG:

Alexander Kanevskiy.

- He's been a member of the TAG for a few months and is a regular
- He will continue to contribute to the community's growth and will
bring a lot of knowledge and experience.

We are thrilled to continue working with Alexander in this capacity, and we
appreciate his ongoing contributions to the community!


Alexander Kanevskiy - Tech Lead Nominee
*Cloud Software Architect - Intel*

Alexander Kanevskiy is an architect in Intel's Cloud Native team. Alexander
in the past 5 years worked on several subjects in Kubernetes
community: SIG-Cluster-Lifecycle (kubeadm), SIG-Node
(node-feature-discovery, device plugins APIs and support for Intel
devices), Resource Management WG (Intel’s CRI-Resource-Manager, topology
awareness improvements in kubelet, ...), cri-o/containerd (Intel RDT and
Block I/O support).

Alexander is currently a co-lead of Container Orchestrated Devices WG of
CNCF TAG-Runtime (
and coordinating effort between teams from several companies to improve the
ways on how hardware accelerators and other hardware resources can be
consumed in Cloud Native ecosystem: runtime’s CDI and NRI interfaces.

Before working in projects of Cloud Native ecosystem, Alexander had over 20
years of experience in Intel, Nokia and other companies in areas of
creating Linux distributions, Release Engineering, CI/CD, Development
tools, Infrastructure and Networking.

Alexander has spoken many times at open source conferences, including
KubeCon/CloudNativeCon, OSS + ELC and others (


To vote, please reply to this email. The CNCF, as always, welcomes
non-binding community votes in addition to the required votes of TOC

Ricardo Aravena
Co-chair CNCF TAG Runtime

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