Re: [RESULT] Cilium approved for Incubation

Michael Branan

Congrats Cilium team!  










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Dear Cilium team,


Bravo! Well done.



Thank you,



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Pretty awesome. :)


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Cilium has been approved at the incubation level.

Justin Cormack:
Alena Prokharchyk:
Erin Boyd:
Liz Rice:
Davanum Srinivas:
Lei Zhang:
Ricardo Rocha:
Sheng Liang:
Dave Zolotusky:
Saad Ali:

+1 NB
Moh Ahmed:
Timothy Horner:
Jim St Leger:
Chandler Hoisington:
Somik Behera:
Stephen Augustus:
Chris Short:
Tamal Saha:
Lee Calcote:
Joe Searcy:
Archy K:
Leonardo Di Donato:
Mark Carter:
Kiran Mova:
Yusuf Hadiwinata Sutandar:
Bing Lien:
Pengfei Ni:
Anil Vishnoi:
Matt Klein:
Phil Estes:
Andy Randall:
Joseph Irving:
Roberth Strand:
Ricardo Aravena:
Bartłomiej Płotka:
Philippe Robin:
Franco Geraci:
Bob Killen:
Kevin Ryan:
Golfen Guo:
Rajesh K:
Tina Tsou:  




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