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Priyanka Sharma

Great question, Matt. So far, we have the following plan that we intend to iterate upon, with your help hopefully :-). 

1. Projects will request credits the same way they do now - via Service Desk
2. First priority will go to graduated projects
3. The sponsor can choose to allocate a percentage (looking at about 30% with some room for conversation) to a particular set of projects they care about 
4. Projects will have access to @Hippie Hacker @Ihor Dvoretskyi and also a technical point of contact with SLA at the credit provider's for help utilizing the credits

@Hippie Hacker - can you add to the automation we are hoping to offer in terms of alerts on exceeded quotas and prow jobs and such?

@Matt Klein - I recognize these details are sparse. Goal is to get the credits in from the funders and then work with the projects to disburse. We are not in a hurry to get it perfect right away because we will learn as we work together. We faced a bit of a chicken and egg problem initially where we couldn't fully test out a process until credits came. That said, the Equinix metal program @Ihor Dvoretskyi runs has been a guiding light. Expect to hear more and get reached out to for guidance on how we operationalize this in the coming months.

Thank you so much!

Best wishes,

On Thu, Oct 7, 2021 at 9:08 AM Matt Klein <mattklein123@...> wrote:
Is there more information on how projects will access the credits? This document is mostly about sponsors. The project details are light.


On Tue, Oct 5, 2021 at 9:57 AM Priyanka Sharma <psharma@...> wrote:
Hello Everyone,

As part of the CNCF evolving and changing, we're introducing a Cloud Native Credits program. In an effort to provide our projects with public, self-service, and automated access to the Cloud Infrastructure, CNCF has created the Cloud Credits program. We believe this program is crucial for every project to incubate, grow, and succeed. This would be impossible without sponsors donating cloud credits to showcase direct support of our growing number of incubating and graduated CNCF projects.

I'll be announcing this next week at KubeCon, but I wanted to follow up on today's TOC meeting with the Cloud Credits Two Pager. Please take a look and feel free to share thoughts. Keep in mind, everything is an iteration!

Best wishes,

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