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Joe Beda

Hey all,

This is all winding down but I wanted to throw a couple of cents in.  I wrote a series of blog posts looking at this as we launched Heptio:


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Just to wrap up this thread:

1) Thanks to everyone for the sparky contributions.  This is clearly an area that matters to people.

2) During the GB & TOC meetings yesterday, it was decided to take steps to unify and write out the CNCF thinking on positioning. The CTA here is: please connect with Mark Coleman, marketing committee chair.


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On 02/14/2017 01:41 PM, Mark Coleman via cncf-toc wrote:
> Andy, I like dynamically scalable. That's much better.
Dynamic, or horizontal....
> I'd also like to add that what we're proposing here is that people can
> get any /or all/ of those 3 by going cloud native. I think that's an
> important distinction.
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>     > I think we should aim for 3 core principles. Any more than that
>     and people
>     > won't be able to repeat as a mantra.
>     Agreed.  I can only remember about 3 of the 12-factors :-)
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