Re: VOTE: Establishing the Cooperative Delivery Working Group with TAG App Delivery

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TAG App Delivery would like to put forward the proposal to form a new
*Cooperative* *Delivery* working group and asks for TOC approval voting

The cooperative delivery working group focuses on bringing
infrastructure/platform delivery and application delivery closer together.
Often responsibilities, lifecycles and processes are decoupled which leads
to real world issues. Full-stack – infra and app – delivery workflows are
often still brittle and break easily. The working group is a collaboration
of projects in the app and infra space as well as end users developing best
practices solving coming problems.

The charter and outline of the group can be found here:

This email may contain confidential information. If it appears this
message was sent to you by mistake, please let us know of the error. In
this case, we also ask that you do not further forward the content and
delete it. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding. Dynatrace
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Linz whose registered office is at 4020 Linz, Austria, Am
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