Re: πŸ‘‹ So long folks!

Erik Riedel (he/him)

Thanks Cheryl for all your dedication, energy, and great work on behalf of the foundation and our community - we will miss you.

Wishing the best of luck and a great holiday - enjoy a well-deserved vacation!



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You will be missed in the CNCF, but best of luck in your new role Cheryl - and have an amazing holiday in Barbados!

Kind Regards,

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Hi all,

I'd like to share that I am leaving CNCF / LF, today is my last day. It's been a privilege and a pleasure to work with this community, and thank you for everything you taught me over the past three years.

As for me, I'm off on vacation in Barbados, and then I'll announce my new role in three weeks. Hopefully I will still be able to see you around the community.

Best of luck!

VP of Ecosystem, Cloud Native Computing Foundation
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