CNCF Community Awards 2021 - Nominations now open!

Amye Scavarda Perrin

We're starting the nomination process for our ambassador, committer and community awards.

  • CNCF Top Ambassador: A champion for the cloud native space, this individual helps spread awareness of the CNCF (and its incubated projects). The CNCF Ambassador leverages multiple platforms, both online as well as speaking engagements, driving interest and excitement around the project. The CNCF Ambassadors will vote on the Top Ambassador. 

  • CNCF Top Committer: This will recognize excellence in technical contributions to CNCF and its projects. The CNCF Top Committer has made key commits to projects and, more importantly, contributes in a way that benefits the project neutrally as a whole.

  • CNCF Chop Wood Carry Water: This is given to a community member who helps behind the scenes, dedicating countless hours of their time to open source projects + completing often thankless tasks for the ecosystem’s benefit. The winner of this award will be chosen by the TOC and CNCF Staff.

  • NEW: CNCF Top Documentarian: This will recognize excellence in documentation contributions to CNCF and its projects. Excellent technical documentation is one of the best ways projects can lower the barrier for contribution and build a more inclusive community.


Nominations Open: August 3, 2021
Nominations Close: August 17, 2021 at noon Pacific

Voting period:
Voting opens: August 17, 2021
Voting closes: September 14, 2021 at noon Pacific

We'll be announcing the awards at KubeCon + CloudNativeCon Virtual North America.

CNCF Ambassadors are eligible to vote for the Top Ambassador
CNCF Maintainers are eligible to vote for the Top Committer

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