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Liz Rice

Also +1 (binding) for all four of these folks 

Thank you to the outgoing chairs for your work, especially to get SIG App Delivery up and running. And a big thank you to everyone who stepped forward to volunteer for the co-chair and tech lead roles, even if you didn’t get elected this time around your willingness to get involved is appreciated!

On Wed, 9 Jun 2021 at 16:41, Davanum Srinivas <davanum@...> wrote:
+1 to Jennifer and Hongchao as co-chairs (Binding)
+1 to Alex and Thomas as tech leads (Binding)

Thanks for stepping up folks!

-- Dims

On Tue, Jun 1, 2021 at 9:33 AM Reitbauer, Alois via <> wrote:

Dear TOC members,


I would like to communicate some planned changes to the team of TAG App Delivery. Two of the current chairs want to hand over their roles as co-chairs:


  • Bryan Liles wants to hand over his chair role due to other commitments 
  • Lei Zhang was voted into the TOC and wants to focus on this role. 


We had a great interest from candidates which is a great situation to be in. You can find the full list of nominees here.  We ran a vote amongst the current co-chairs and our TOC liaison members.


We reached out to the community for candidates for new co-chairs as well as establishing tech leads to support the chairs as we see increased technical work done in the different working groups.  The vote results in the below proposal for two new co-chairs and two new tech leads.


Our proposal is to appoint two new co-chairs:


Jennifer Strejevitch, VMWare


Jennifer is a Senior Engineer at VMware, previously Senior SRE at Conde Nast. She has been in the industry for over 13 years with experience in Software Development, Cloud Infrastructure, leadership and SRE. Currently, she is working in R&D where she designs solutions for highly scalable Kubernetes platforms.


Jennifer has experience in fostering a DevOps culture in her previous organisation, where she was a mentor in practices such as Infrastructure as Code, application monitoring and CI/CD. You can find some of her experience on last year’s KubeCon EU in this End User Panel: She’s also initiated an SRE practice within her current organisation, along with implementing SRE in her new team. Some of this experience is summarized in this blog post


She was previously part of the CNCF End User group and is now co-chairing the SIG-App-Delivery Operator Working Group, driving the progress of the Operator White-paper by running meetings, writing content, editing and enabling contributors from the wide community. 


In her community participation, she has also given Kubernetes and programming workshops for underrepresented groups, written blog posts, given talks and contributed to open source. Her experience in product development, operations, leadership and advocacy in the cloud native world, in both end users and vendors, gives her a wide scope that matches the SIG


Hongchao Deng, Alibaba

Hongchao is a Staff Engineer at Alibaba with a focus on open source. He has been a technical contributor to the Kubernetes and its ecosystem projects as well as serving the community as an organizer of Cloud Native Community China. More about Hongchao’s technical background and community experience:

  • TL & Staff Engineer at Alibaba. Previously TL at CoreOS.
  • He focuses on community growth. He is one of the organizers of Cloud Native Community China ( He has been mentoring the communities on technical discussion and organizational events.
  • He has strong technical experience in the Cloud Native Application area. He created the first Operator (etcd-operator) and advocated operator pattern to its maturity. He led a few critical features in K8S-SIG-Scheduling, K8S-SIG-Scalability. Now He is the committer of OAM ( and KubeVela (


We are also proposing two tech leads:


Alex Jones, now CIVO before JPMC


Alex until recently worked as a VP of SRE at JPMC and is now working as a principal engineer role at CIVO cloud. HIs roles have often been to enable thousands of engineers to deploy workloads with just-enough-infrastructure, architecting complex poly-tenancy multi-cloud solutions or designing the specification for delivery that is governable. Alex is also a co-initiator of the application enablement working group, helped with the podtato reference application for app delivery


Thomas Schuetz, Dynatrace


Thomas is working as a Senior Cloud Engineer at Dynatrace. During the last two decades, he worked in various systems administration and operations positions. After working as an operations lead, he (re-)discovered his enthusiasm for cloud-native and infrastructure-automation related topics and switched back to more hands-on technical roles.


Last year, he joined the SIG App Delivery and drove the progress of the Operator Working Group. This year, he became a co-chair of this WG and was a key driver in creating an operator white paper. Currently, he is - together with Alex and Jennifer - driving efforts to provide patterns and examples for converging infrastructure and application deployment in a new working group.


We are looking for approval by the TOC and are looking forward to working with these great individuals as they are contributing their time and knowledge to further mature the application delivery ecosystem.


Please reply to this email to vote.  As always, the CNCF encourages non-binding votes from the community, along with the required votes of TOC members.


We are very excited for community members stepping up and supporting the initiatives of TAG app delivery. Especially, we are excited to have increased end user focus on the team.


The TAG App Delivery co-chairs and TOC liaisons Cornelia Davis and Lei Zhang

This email may contain confidential information. If it appears this message was sent to you by mistake, please let us know of the error. In this case, we also ask that you do not further forward the content and delete it. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding. Dynatrace Austria GmbH (registration number FN 91482h) is a company registered in Linz whose registered office is at 4020 Linz, Austria, Am Fünfundzwanziger Turm 20.

Davanum Srinivas ::

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