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Dear Technical Oversight Committee,
On June 3, 2021, the term<> for two of the three current Security TAG co-chairs, Sarah Allen (@ultrasaurus<>) and Jeyappragash JJ (@pragashj<>) comes to an end.

The TOC election process<> requires nomination from TOC and then ⅔ vote. We have also followed the Security TAG governance process for proposing candidates, since <> we have clear successors who are already working within the group. <> The candidates below have unanimous support from our TOC liaisons, as well as the three current co-chairs.

We believe that Aradhna Chetal and Brandon Lum, along with current chair Emily Fox, will enable “full coverage of the leadership capabilities across the key qualities of industry experience, hands-on cloud-native and security experience, as well as administrative experience needed to run a Security TAG.” While both currently serve as Tech Leads for the group (as did Emily before she became chair), we do not consider that a prerequisite for the chair position.

Aradhna Chetal<>
Senior Director Exec, Cloud Security, TIAA<>
Research Fellow Cloud Security Alliance<>
TAG Contributions

* Tech Lead, Meeting Facilitator

* Active in Policy team subgroup

* Initiated serverless security whitepaper - Issue#546<>

* Cloud Native Securty Whitepaper<> - refined scope, created first draft and worked on reviews and completion
External community involvement
Active member of Cloud Security Alliance (CSA), has been an advisor to the board - CSA Seattle Chapter, CSA and NIST Cloud computing workgroups, has influenced best practices & standards for cloud, containers, serverless & microservices security

Brandon Lum<>
container security, IBM Research<>
TAG Contributions

* Tech Lead, Meeting Facilitator

* Repo Triage and Issue Management

* Process Improvements & governance

* Leading Cloud Native Security Map/Landscape - Issue#348<>

* Security Reviews - process improvements and initial assessments PR#247<>

* Presented SIG-Security session China June 2019<>, San Diego Nov 2019<>

* Organized in-person meetup DockerCon, May 2019 issue#151<>
External community involvement
SPIFFE/SPIRE community<> & contributing to SPIFFE book<>

Please reply to this email to vote. As always, the CNCF encourages non-binding votes from the community, along with the required votes of TOC members.

Thank you,
Sarah, in collaboration with other Security TAG co-chairs (Emily and JJ) and TOC Liaisons Liz Rice & Justin Cormack

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