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On Tue, Jun 01, 2021 at 01:56:23PM +0100, Liz Rice wrote:
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Thanks Aradhna & Brandon for stepping up to volunteer for these roles, and
a massive thank you to Sarah & JJ for everything you have done for SAFE ->
SIG Security -> TAG Security over the last few years, you’ve really made an


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On Sat, May 29, 2021 at 5:00 PM Sarah Allen <sarah@...>

Dear Technical Oversight Committee,

On June 3, 2021, the term
<> for two of the three
current Security TAG co-chairs, Sarah Allen (@ultrasaurus
<>) and Jeyappragash JJ (@pragashj
<>) comes to an end.

The TOC election process
requires nomination from TOC and then ⅔ vote. We have also followed the
Security TAG governance process for proposing candidates, since
have clear successors who are already working within the group.
candidates below have unanimous support from our TOC liaisons, as well as
the three current co-chairs.

We believe that Aradhna Chetal and Brandon Lum, along with current chair
Emily Fox, will enable “full coverage of the leadership capabilities across
the key qualities of industry experience, hands-on cloud-native and
security experience, as well as administrative experience needed to run a
Security TAG.” While both currently serve as Tech Leads for the group (as
did Emily before she became chair), we do not consider that a prerequisite
for the chair position.

Aradhna Chetal <>

Senior Director Exec, Cloud Security, TIAA

Research Fellow Cloud Security Alliance

TAG Contributions


Tech Lead, Meeting Facilitator

Active in Policy team subgroup

Initiated serverless security whitepaper - Issue#546

Cloud Native Securty Whitepaper
- refined scope, created first draft and worked on reviews and completion

External community involvement

Active member of Cloud Security Alliance (CSA), has been an advisor to
the board - CSA Seattle Chapter, CSA and NIST Cloud computing workgroups,
has influenced best practices & standards for cloud, containers, serverless
& microservices security

Brandon Lum <>

container security, IBM Research <>

TAG Contributions


Tech Lead, Meeting Facilitator

Repo Triage and Issue Management

Process Improvements & governance

Leading Cloud Native Security Map/Landscape - Issue#348

Security Reviews - process improvements and initial assessments
PR#247 <>

Presented SIG-Security session China June 2019
San Diego Nov 2019

Organized in-person meetup DockerCon, May 2019 issue#151

External community involvement

SPIFFE/SPIRE community <> &
contributing to SPIFFE book <>

Please reply to this email to vote. As always, the CNCF encourages
non-binding votes from the community, along with the required votes of TOC

Thank you,

Sarah, in collaboration with other Security TAG co-chairs (Emily and
JJ) and TOC Liaisons Liz Rice & Justin Cormack


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