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Ricardo Rocha

+1 binding for both candidates

On Wed, Mar 03, 2021 at 09:37:53AM +0100, Dave Zolotusky via wrote:
+1 binding for both candidates

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+1 binding for both candidates


On Mar 2, 2021, at 9:21 AM, Alex Chircop <alex.chircop@...>

Hi all,

As a follow up from the TOC call today, the Storage SIG would like to
nominate two candidates for the tech lead role: Raffaele Spazzoli and Sheng
Yang. Both have been members of the SIG for a while and have been active
contributors - they will continue to help strengthen the community and
bring a wealth of experience and expertise to the group.

Following the SIG operating model, Tech leads are assigned following a 2/3
majority vote of the TOC and a 2/3 majority vote of SIG Chairs.

Short bios are listed below for convenience:

*Raffaele Spazzoli - Tech Lead Nominee*
*Senior Principal Architect - Red Hat*

Raffaele is a full-stack enterprise architect with 20+ years of
experience. Raffaele started his career in Italy as a Java Architect then
gradually moved to Integration Architect and then Enterprise Architect.
Later he moved to the United States to eventually become an OpenShift
Architect for Red Hat consulting services, acquiring, in the process,
knowledge of the infrastructure side of IT. Currently Raffaele covers a
consulting position of cross-portfolio application architect with a focus
on OpenShift. Most of his career Raffaele worked with large financial
institutions allowing him to acquire an understanding of enterprise
processes and security and compliance requirements of large enterprise

*Sheng Yang - Tech Lead Nominee*
*Senior Manager, Engineering - SUSE*

Sheng Yang is a Senior Manager and Software Architect at SUSE. He is a
maintainer of project Longhorn, CNCF's open-source Cloud Native distributed
storage solution. He joined SUSE through the Rancher Labs acquisition,
where he worked on Longhorn, Harvester, local path provisioner, and other
projects. Before Rancher Labs, he joined Citrix through the
<> acquisition, where he worked on CloudStack project
and CloudPlatform product. Before that, he had spent a few years as a
kernel developer at Intel, focused on KVM, Xen, and Linux kernel
development. He has worked in the fields of virtualization and cloud
computing for the last fourteen years.

Kind Regards,
Alex Chircop
Co-chair CNCF SIG Storage


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