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I'm working on a book with O'Reilly on Cloud Native Infrastructure. The book is focusing on general practices and ideas for how you should set up your infrastructure to manage cloud native applications. It will show examples with CNCF projects but I hope to not go too in depth (1-2 chapters per project) so I can still reference other books/resources if readers want to dig deeper into a project. The book isn't targeting a single cloud and I hope to keep the design principles as generic as possible so readers can replicate the ideas in any cloud including on-premises.

The reason I'm emailing the list is I'm going to need some help (this is my first book). Thank you everyone who has already reached out to me and offered assistance. I'll reply as soon as I'm able to. Right now I'm looking for the following resources.
  • Co-author: I believe, and Brian from O'Reilly agrees, having a co-author could help the process for areas I'm not strong in, getting more immediate feedback, and obviously sharing the load of writing a book. The book is going to be a 6-8 month commitment. If anyone is interested or has suggestions for someone they'd recommend please have them email me.
  • Reference resources: white papers, case studies, and other books on infrastructure design. I've already read a lot of books/papers on the subject but I'm sure there's some I've missed. The Linux Foundation is also working on making their case studies available for the book. Let me know if you have any favorites so I can make sure I reference them.
  • Example applications for each project focus. I don't plan to build one giant application throughout the book but rather focus on one small application per chapter and explain why a certain project/idea is beneficial to have. An example would be something that sends a lot of logs and show examples of why fluentd implements log collection in a cloud native way vs relying on syslog.
I have already submitted the book proposal and am moving forward with the project but haven't actively started writing. I'm still gathering/organizing thoughts and information. If anyone has resources they'd be able to share please send them.

Thank you for any help you can provide and I'm sure I'll be asking the community for more reviews and feedback in the coming months.

Justin Garrison

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