Re: Flux for Incubation Public Comment Period

Liz Rice

Thanks Michelle, and everyone involved in putting this DD together! I have a few questions so I have copied in the Flux maintainers list too. 

I see the note that Flux is working on a broader project description, which is great. Is this close? If it's possible I'd love to have this in place so that CNCF doesn't end up promoting a description that is out of date. 

As I understand it the idea is to include Flagger as part of Flux in this move to Incubation? It's part of the org. But a couple of notes on the Flagger docs that I would like to see resolved before incubation: 
* The intro page says "Flagger is a Cloud Native Computing Foundation project." but doesn't mention that it's part of Flux
* Uses the Weave logo (though I see this is noted as a to-do in the DD doc) 

Looks like lots of work went into helping users transition from Flux v1 to v2. Do we know what proportion of end users have made the migration? When the Technology Radar put it in the "adopt" category, would this have referred to v1, v2, or a mixture? 

Something of a small aside - I think the first Q&A in this FAQ about Argo / Flux collaboration reflects the current status, but do the subsequent questions reflect what the aspirations were originally in the Flux/Argo collaboration? And those are no longer being worked on together, right? 


On Thu, Feb 4, 2021 at 2:00 PM Michelle Noorali via <> wrote:


Flux is applying for incubation status:
DD has been reviewed by myself and SIG App Delivery. We've also conducted interviews with end users. We are supportive of Flux going into incubation. We are now calling for the 2 week public comment period prior to the vote.

Thank you,

Michelle Noorali

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