SIG-Security Tech Lead nominations

Liz Rice

Bumping this vote, as it would be great to get the new SIG Security leads in place if others on the TOC are comfortable with these nominees 

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Dear Technical Oversight Committee,

On December 16th 2020, the SIG-Security co-chairs along with then TOC liason’s Liz Rice and Justin Cormack, agreed to nominate three Tech Leads for SIG-Security: Ashutosh Narkar, Aradhana Chetal and Andres Vega.

“Tech leads are assigned following a 2/3 majority vote of the TOC and a 2/3 majority vote of SIG Chairs” — cncf-sig elections

Thank you!


(On behalf of SIG-Security Chairs)

TL Candidates - Dec 2020

Ashutosh Narkar 

Aradhana Chetal 

Andres Vega

  • SIG-Security highlights

  • Professional affiliations: 

    • VMWare

  • Github: @anvega

  • CNCF Projects:


  • SIG-Security 

    • Security Assess. Review lead: Harbor

    • Security Assess. Review lead: Cloud Buildpaks

    • Security Assess. participant: SPIFFE/SPIRE

    • Security Day program committee 2020 NA

    • Facilitator for SIG meetings, and in general good with making calls more lively (1)

    • Participating in organization of CN Sec. Day 2021 EU

    • Commits (5)

    • Issues (13)

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