Re: [URGENT] Impending deletion of Helm 2 releases and charts buckets

Josh Berkus

On 10/14/20 10:52 AM, Matt Farina wrote:

There are two things worth noting...

1. Many of the charts people use have been slower to move out of the
stable and incubator repos than expected. We are still finding them
new homes. So, not everything is deprecated. There are many useful
things there.
2. There is more use of the stable and incubator repos than I ever
expected. I'm told the use is growing even as things move off it.
When I recently saw some numbers I was amazingly surprised. I had
expected it to be lower. Note, I don't have access to this data. The
buckets are Google owned/managed so only they have access to this. I
think Vic is the only one of the Helm maintainers with access to this.

Many people will have some pain when the stable and incubator repos go away.
My question is: is the *Helm project* asking for the CNCF to fund
extended storage for these charts, or not? (assuming this is technically
possible). I can see why the answer might be "not"; we have break the
links to the old locations sometime, and why not now?

The request to the TOC came from a concerned contributor, not from the
project leadership, as far as I can tell.

For my part, I would not want to see the TOC messing with a project's
official deprecation plans without a formal project request.

Josh Berkus
Kubernetes Community
Red Hat OSPO

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