Re: "Steering committee" discussion

Josh Berkus

On 9/29/20 10:43 AM, Liz Rice wrote:
1. longevity of the project (in the event that a vendor is acquired or
goes out of business)
2. ensuring that the project roadmap is community controlled, and not
only run in the commercial interest of the vendor (we want to avoid
feature hold-back)
We recognize that the current multi-org requirement may not be the only
(or even necessarily the best) way to address those concerns
We talked about requiring three things from projects reaching Graduated

1. A sustainability/longevity plan
2. A process for community feedback on the roadmap
3. Requiring "contributor ladder" process & documentation

If these three things are things that the TOC plans to require,
SIG-Contributor Strategy can work on writing guidance for them. The
"longevity" portion will require quite a bit of work, though, because
there's no real precedent for this that I know of.

Josh Berkus
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